Organizational citizenship behaviors among workers and its relationship to organizational justice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Chlef University.


Abstract: This study aimed to figure the level of organizational citizenship behaviors among workers and its relationship to the organizational justice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Chlef University, the study was conducted on a sample of thirty-four workers, and after collecting the questionnaire’s data and processing it by using (SPSS) the results showed that the behavior of altruism and civility is low; and the rest of behaviors are medium, the results showed also the absence of a statistically significant relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and organizational justice.This study also reached the need to apply administrative concepts that are concerned with the capabilities of workers to achieve the behavior of organizational citizenship.

Key words: Organizational citizenship behavior, dimensions of organizational citizenship behavior, organizational justice, dimensions of organizational justice.

European financial markets under the Corona pandemic - a comparative analytical study -


stock exchanges affected by the Corona pandemic, among the stock exchanges of Spain, Italy, Germany, Britain, France and the Netherlands, and all stock exchanges have been exposed to sharp declines, because of the feelings of investors that were characterized by fear, and also because of financial globalization. It also concluded that the Italian Stock Exchange was the most affected, due to the fragility of its economy, and as a focus of the virus in Europe, then the Spanish Stock Exchange, because of its dependence on the tourism sector, and then other exchanges. Although all of them were affected by the pandemic, the severity of the affected varied according to the number of Corona virus infections, the strength of the economy and the state’s intervention.


Keywords: European stock exchanges, Corona pandemic, investor sentiment, financial globalization, financial crises.

JEL Classification Codes: N2, O16, G15, I10.


Social marketing as a tool to enhance the mental image of companies in time of crisis - The case of some companies under the Corona virus crisis -

The aim of this paper is to learn the role of social marketing in solidifying the corporate mind-set in times of crisis by developing a theoretical framework for social marketing as well as the mental image and then the actions taken by some international companies to be seen in a quality form on the one hand and to mitigate the crisis on the other. We finally found that these companies have taken social action toward the community, provided assistance at the level using social marketing activities to reduce the spread of the virus, and also solidify their image among consumers.

Keywords: Sosial marketing; Companies ;Crisis; Mental image.

JEL Classification Codes: M300,G010, G300.


The future vision of the application of the electronic management in Algeria in shade of world experiences

This study came because of the great importance given to the topic of the electronic management As a modal in both developed and developing countries To encourage on communicating and dealing electronically with the government institutions. The study came out with important results that the electronic management is an essential tool in improving the work of departments and raising their efficiency which requires understanding and depth and providing all resources and capabilities to move forward and achieve excellence and competitive precedence in the field of electronic administrative transformation.

Keywords: Electonic  management, Electronic municipality, Electronic service, Electronic  health, Global experiences, Algeria.

JEL Classification Codes: M15